Outside the southernmost city of Norway, Kristiansand, secluded under steep mountain sides, lies a beautiful natural park area called Ravnedalen – the valley of ravens, translated. The park was built in 1874-78, under the guidance of Colonel Oscar Wergeland.

Ravnedalen was formerly a billeting area with room for about 1,200 soldiers. When the military camp was moved to Gimlemoen, Colonel Wergeland insisted that the area would be perfect for a pleasure garden. The park was constructed as a romantic garden, with a fountain, and exotic plants like rhododendron, magnolia, mimosa, yew, and cypress. There are open areas for public arrangements, like festivals, concerts, and other gatherings. The former gardener house today serves as a café. There used to be apes and peacocks, while today the only animals spotted are ducks, swans, and other wild birds. I visited with friends and these are my photos from that trip.

Most of the photos are taken using the Edge 80 optic, please click thumbnails to view larger:

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