Assev (in Norwegian: Assæv) is a lake near where I live. It’s part of the Lilleelv («Little river») waterway, which is special because over its 4 km run there’s only a 3 m (9.8 ft) drop. Starting from Assev, the waterway consists of a river and stream which runs through four lakes, and a small waterfall.

While the lake and its surroundings is a lovely place, only a few meters away lies a hidden «magical» world. Adjacent to the lake is a wall of old fir trees, and if you take a look behind the outermost branches you will be blown away! It’s like walking into a hidden world. The trees have obviously been planted, because they are in straight lines. The forest floor is absolutely bare, and the top of the trees (far, far up there) creates a roof which serves as a protection from the harshest sun and the heaviest rain. There’s a stream running through the hidden landscape, and beds of wood anemone thrives near the water. My intention has been to return here at least once every season, but so far I only have spring photos to show for.

Hidden world at Assæv

Pictures were taken using the Edge 80, please click to view larger:

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