Early spring, both nature and people seem to rise from their hiatus and fight the remains of winter. Near Grimstad town lies Dømmesmoen, a beautiful park with a horticulture museum. During summertime, walks here are amazing; there’s the «Ibsen’s herbal garden» (as in the author, who lived in Grimstad) and there’s a pond with ducks and pink waterlilies. Still a bit early for all of that, but this week a group from the Homborsund camera club gathered for a photowalk at the park. Not many plants had started blooming yet, though despite a rather chilly wind we enjoyed the evening, taking pictures and chatting.

As per usual, I brought my Lensbaby gear, and here are some of the photos I captured – using the Sweet35, Edge80, and Soft Focus optics (plus the macro extenders for some of the pics). Click thumbnails to view larger:

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