Besides photography, another hobby which has consumed a lot of my time (and money…) is collecting ball-jointed dolls. These are dolls originally made by Japanese and later Korean and Chinese doll manufactorers, a hobby which gained popularity in the western parts of the world in the late 1990’s. Now, there are several doll creators from the US and Europe, in addition to the Asian ones. A ball-jointed doll can have its eyes, face paint and hair changed by its owner, either by his or her own effort or by commissioning others. Their clothes can be bought in online stores or be custom made by yourself. Some collect the dolls in order to visualize their own or others’ fictional characters, others – like myself – simply enjoy them for their looks. Photography is a big part of the hobby, and many bring their dolls out for photo shoots in nature. I brought my biggest doll to town to have a look at the Christmas decorations.

All images taken with the Lensbaby Sol22 mounted on a m4/3rds Olympus E-M10, please click to view large:

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