I am lucky to live by the sea, near what was once the edge of the ice covering Europe. The area is intriguing, with its characteristic huge boulder rocks and smaller pebbles scattered across smooth skerries – all ground and shaped over thousands of years. As is often the case: however amazing this landscape is, I sometimes feel like I’ve grown accustomed to the sight, as it’s “there all the time”. Yesterday, my neighbour and I went for a photo walk. It was a bright spring day (finally!), but that also meant: no clouds, no waves, a rather glaring spring sun… I felt a little stumped for interesting things to photograph. I decided to turn my eyes – and camera – downwards, and experimenting with slow shutter (as slow as possible when handheld).

All photos are taken with the Twist 60 on a fullframe Nikon, please click to view large:

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