Way south in Norway, there’s a place with so close bonds to North America that it’s called “little USA”. They even have the first officially approved American street address in Norway; Brooklyn Square. The reason for this connection is a massive labour migration, to the US from this small town, over more than 80 years – with several moving back home but remaining influenced by what they experienced “over there”. The 50’s is a favourite era, and most of the US fans seem to be in favour of the GOP. There’s an annual American Festival called Last weekend in June, with a street parade, AmCars, concerts, a food competition, street dance, stands, gospel brunch and other fun events. Of course they also have their own local Elvis impersonator, a drugstore with mainly US imported goods (including candy!), as well as an American diner. Here are some impressions from a recent visit to the two latter, I used my Lensbaby Twist 60 for all the photos:

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