I’ve been extremely lucky to having been picked as one of the hosts for the #travelingburnsideproject, and yesterday the lens arrived at my work desk. Just in time for a weekend in Denmark with photography friends! Of course I couldn’t wait until the weekend to get started, so this evening I mounted the lens on my fullframe Nikon Df camera and headed into the beech forest. This is the prettiest time of the year as far as that forest goes; with leaves sprouting so vigorously, you can almost hear it. Please click the thumbnail pictures to view large, and note that most of these have been cropped so that the swirl and vignetting is not a prominent as these effects could be. Do however note how crisp and sharp the main subject appear! These are for the most shot wide open or at f/4..! My notes on the performance and feel of the lens will follow in a later blog entry, I just wanted to show these before heading to bed (it’s 2.30am already, ack!).

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