I am a participant in a facebook group called The Travelling Lensbabies. This is a “fan” driven group where the group members take turns borrowing two beta version Lensbabies.

The lenses are dating from around 2003, and are kindly loaned by Lensbaby founder Craig Strong. They are extremely basic, consisting of a piece of vacuum pipe pulled through a hole made in a camera body cap, and with an eye-loupe mounted at the end of the pipe. You can see pictures of the beta type in chapter 3 of the Lensbaby history. Basically, this is a bendable thingamabob with a fixed aperture of f/5.6, where focusing is done by bending and sqeezing. I loved it!

I found the lens very intuitive to use, and today marks a sad day as I am shipping it off to the next participant. However, I do have a Lensbaby 2.0 in my camera bag, so no need to feel sorry on my behalf..! If you want to take part, you can find the group here. Tell them I sent you!

I am taking part in a Lensbaby blog circle. On the first of each month there will be a new blog post, where you can navigate to the other participants’ blogs through a circle of links. You may have gotten here from Kleine Fotokiste (Jessica); please click the button to visit the next blog:

Jeg er Lensbaby Ambassador — du kan få 10 % avslag via denne lenken