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I participate in a few Lensbaby themed Facebook groups, and also find inspiration by visiting the amazing Lensbaby photobloggers mentioned below. Do you want to be featured or to exchange links? Please do not hesitate getting in touch, you will find my email address at the top of this page.

Pauline Putt

I grew up in a home where there a lot of photo albums laying around. My family love to take pictures. I remembered dad and mom had a group of old pictures piled neatly in a vintage tin box. Every now and then, when my sisters and I were little, we will open the box, rummaged through the pictures and either mom or dad will tell us stories about that particular picture. My passion for photography was nurtured when listening to those stories. I want to capture those moments, I want to tell the stories through my images.

Pauline is featured on the lensbaby.com website. She runs her own photography business; Oak Tree Shutterbug, and is also a member of Female Nature Photography.

Visit Pauline’s Flickr stream to see more of her photos!

Pauline uses a Canon DSLR.

Sweet 50 macro by Pauline Putt
Photography (c) Ana Rosenberg

Ana Rosenberg

I’m a Photographer, Artist and Mother of two Located in Lodi, New Jersey. I’m Passionate about creating timeless emotional imagery. I love when things are a bit different, unusual or odd. I see myself drawn to flaws, double exposure and black and white images. I am the happiest when I let go the conventional notion of “Perfect.”

Known for her gorgeous Lensbaby portraits, often edited to black & white with a dark mood. Ana is also an avid promoter of the Lensbaby mobile lenses, creating stunning photos with her iPhone on a daily bases (365 project).

Ana runs her own photography business in New Jersey. Visit Ana’s Flickr stream, and her mobile themed Instagram account.

Ana uses a Fujifilm X-T1 mirrorless camera, and her iPhone.

Justyna E. Butler

I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer based in Denver, Colorado, with a deep passion for painterly frames. My art continues to be a journey where I open and close doors! Allowing myself the freedom to “notice the unnoticed”, “see” in a new way. I view every frame as a piece of art. Love blur, movement, and emotive imagery!

Lensbaby way allows me to express my authenticity. It allows me to express my vision. It takes me to a magical world by creating painterly, dreamy, and timeless frames. The blur, the movement, the perfect “imperfections” are the images I absolutely love!

Justyna runs her own photography business and her work is frequently featured on lensbaby.com. Visit Justyna’s flickr stream and the Justyna E Butler Facebook page.

Justyna uses a Canon EOS 6D camera.

Justyna E Butler
Reflection Selfie by Jan Douglas

Janet Douglas

I am a Hobbyist Photographer and Lensbaby Addict. I love the creativity from using a Lensbaby and not “staying inside the lines” but to embrace the blur and be a bit different.

Jan is taking part in the Lensbaby Love blog circle, and also doing collaborations with other Lensbaby photobloggers.

During 2015, her Project 52 presented 1 black & white Lensbaby photo per week.

She is using a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera.

Chantal van den Dool

There is not a day that I leave the house without my camera.

My passion is animal and children photography, they are always fickle and it is never the same. Both have their own minds and do whatever they like to do, whatever we grownups like them to do. Macro and nature photography is also one of the favorite things to do. Love to show people how I see the world, to get these small things big on my screen.

But Lensbaby is the biggest passion. The creativity that I can get with this lens, without all the editing, is amazing and endless. And photographing children and macro with these lenses is what make the photos so unique.

Chantal is a Dutch photographer who has made her mark in the international Lensbaby community. Her 365 challenge for 2015 was done entirely with Lensbaby. She is one of few Lensbaby photographers who uses the Circular Fisheye quite a lot, often with a humorous view on the world.

She runs her own photography business where she also arranges Lensbaby workshops. Visit her Chantal van den Dool Facebook page, and her Flickr stream.

Photography (c) Chantal van den Dool
Charity Fox

Nuno Caldeira

Not really a photoblogger, portuguese photographer Nuno Caldeira is still listed on this page because I count him as the master of tiltshift Lensbaby photography.

He is also a very present and helpful member of the Lensbaby Artistry Facebook group. Several of his photos are featured on the lensbaby.com website and he contributes regularly to the Lensbaby blog. For years, he also ran the now expired website called Lensbaby Lovers, which features tips, tricks and tutorials.

Visit Nuno’s website, and his flickr stream.