Not too many blog posts lately… I do take pictures, though – just haven’t found motivation to post process and blog them. Shame, right? Inbetween my regular work, volunteering as a photographer at music festivals and TEDx, becoming a gallery owner (yeah!), and doing concert photography – again, volunteer bases and not paid, but still very fun! – oh, and being there for my family, there simply aren’t enough hours in a day. But… priorities, right?

Anyway, one of my missions in life (hah) is to convert as many camera club friends as possible to the Lensbaby magic, and today was spent teaching one of them how to use her «brand new» kit that she got from the Norwegian version of craigslist. I got a few shots myself, with my favourite optic these days, the Twist 60. White Christmas? Don’t think so. Greys with some blues fading in as the sun set, was more like it.

Click to view larger:

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