Took all three cameras of mine – fullframe, crop sensor DSLR, and micro 4/3rds mirrorless – along with the Sweet 35 and the Sol 22 for an evening spin, in order to demonstrate differences in the lenses’ blur. All of the images in this post are uncropped (hence the odd slanted horizon…).

The Sol 22 has a fixed aperture of f/3.5 – these Sweet 35 images are shot at f/4:

Sweet spot

Obviously, the sweet spot of the Sol 22 is slightly larger than that of the Sweet 35, no matter which kind of camera (crop sensor or fullframe). Stopping down to f/8 would produce a larger sweet spot for the Sweet 35. To compensate for the loss in light through a wide aperture, you would have to up the ISO and/or lower the shutter speed. The DOF will change as well, as demonstrated:

Adding a tilt to the fun

How about the appearance of the blur when the lenses are tilted? The below images are shot untilted as well as tilted, the Sweet 35 ones with an aperture of f/4:

Tilt AND stop!

Just to mix it all together – below you will see the same images shot with Sol 22 untilted & tilted, plus with the Sweet 35 untilted & tilted at f/4 as well as f/8, on a crop sensor camera as well as a fullframe one. Phew!

What do you reckon? I find the blur of Sol 22 is rather subdued compared to that of the Sweet 35, and that the area of focus is somewhat larger with Sol 22 than the Sweet 35 no matter which camera the latter is attached to.

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