This weekend I shot a «crazy music festival» gig, a prog-space-experimental-electronic kind of music event going back more than a couple of decades. On a sidenote: The local music scene where I live is pretty amazing, with enthusiasts and professionals jamming and creating new bands all the time. I am having a blast as a concert photographer!

Even though this was the kind of event where I could easily use Lensbaby throughout the evening, I stayed with my «work horse» lenses until the last band got on stage. The young musicians of Vorbid normally play thrash metal, but this time they did Crimson King covers (of course including 21st Century Schizoid Man!). The audience were ordered to get up from their chairs and move closer to the stage, and I grabbed my Edge 50 and elbowed my way through.

Some of these are tilted, others fairly neutral, but I am thrilled with the outcome – and with how I managed to nail focus under what was best described as challenging circumstances..! Please click to view in full:

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