I have been lucky to have the chance of testing the brand new Lensbaby Edge 35. So far, I’ve tried it on both a crop sensor and a fullframe camera, and I will do a round of 2x crop sensor (MFT) shooting as well. I have both Edge optics from earlier, and really enjoy their versatility – they are the only Lensbaby optics which will be able to produce tack sharp images all through the picture surface when the Composer is in neutral position, thus actually serving as prime lenses with an added “twist”. The Edge 35 is no different, which I personally enjoy quite a bit being that this is my favourite focal length.

All Edge optics need a Composer in order to attach to the camera. When the Composer is tilted, the optics produce a slice of focus in the direction of the tilt. From the right distance and angle, this will result in a miniature effect – but no matter the distance the slice itself is a wonderful way of attracting the viewer’s eye to a specific area of the image. For portraiture, try a horizontal slice of focus across the eyes, or even a vertical slice on just one side of the face. The wider the aperture, the narrower slice of focus. My preferred aperture for Lensbaby shooting is often around f/5.6, but with the Edges I find myself using the widest aperture quite a bit.

Below you can see some photos where I’ve shot the same object using different apertures. Click each image to view large and read the caption.

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